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Let the demolition begin! First up- basement

Brian and I were shocked to see the amount of space in the basement once the walls came down- it really feels huge!

How do you like the toilet in the middle of the space? Yep, just a toilet, no sink or anything... because, hey, who really needs to wash their hands after using the potty...? See the water puddled on the floor? We have a leak- it's been leaking like that since Sunday. Brian tried to patch it, but it leaks through the patch. Good timing in a way- there is nothing down there that the water can hurt! Bad in that replacing the horizontal pipes in the basement was not in our scope of work. Sigh. Renovations always cost more than you expect, right?

We were all excited to leave one of the walls in the basement as exposed brick- it was going to be tres cool and give the area a funky feel. Well, when the paneling was ripped down we discovered that while most of the walls are brick- every 8 or so feet (up from the bottom) there are rows of 12x12 terra cotta tiles!!!!! So, there is no way that this will ever look remotely attractive.

The ugly horizontal lines are the terra cotta. Boo on the builders!!

And finally, can you name anyone on earth (besides us) that has pipes this big in their house!??! What were the builders thinking? Luckily, these are part of the radiator system and will be going bye-bye this weekend.

Yes!! We have the same huge pipes in our basement and they suck up valuable headroom. Are you getting rid of them because you're going to install forced air? I hate to lose my rads but i'm not sure how we'll be able to make something of the basment with those honkers down there.

We actually will be gaining a HUGE amount of head room from removing these pipes. It was supposed to happen a few weeks ago, but now it's looking like early next week the radiators are gone. Sad to see them go, but we are gaining SO much space around the house!

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