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Movin' on to the kitchen

The piece de resistance of our renovation is going to be the lovely kitchen that will open into the dining room. I'm sure Brian would argue that the real jewel is the home theater that's going in the basement, but we digress... As of right now, the kitchen is a little tiny square room with the fridge in front of a window. Hey! It's hard to work modern appliances into a room with 3 doorways and 2 windows! ;-) The range is circa 1972 and comes in a *lovely* mustard yellow, straight from Monkey Wards (um, how long ago did they go out of business?!?!)

Once again, the following two pictures are from our pre-purchase inspection (Come on people, you should KNOW this if you know me... check out those curtains!! Do you think I'd ever let white, frilly, lacy things into my house? Um, no.)

I think we're keeping the sink. Not sure what we're going to do with it, but we may make it into the world's coolest potting bench for me. How fab would that be?!? Now I just need the green house to go along with it...

The door on the right is the door to the basement.

Brian's co-worker, Mike, came over a bunch to help us with things when we first bought the house. When the time came to tear the kitchen out, he asked if he could take the solid wood cabinets. He's going to restore them and put them in his basement (I'm still not sure to what extent his wife knows of these plans...)- here are a few shots of the first of the demolition a la Brian and Mike.

The cabinetry was originally green, but we found about 9 different colors on them, including red, black, peach, white, cream, blue, teal and more white...

Thanks Mike!

That sink would make a fabulous potting bench!

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