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Motocross in the basement and shiny metal in the closet

Long time no post! We went through a little spell where not much was done, so there were really no updates. But, last week kicked into high gear and we have some info to add!

We'll start in the basement. The reason I say motocross in the basement is that there are currently little piles of dirt and trenches from where they jackhammered and dug- hence, it looks like a little motocross course. First, the asbestos abatement guys came in and ripped up most of our tile floor.

Then they cut an outline in the concrete and used a jackhammer to remove a good portion of our basement floor. The purpose of all of this was to expose the water main so that our plumbing stack from the upper floors can be relocated. They were going a little blindly, and had to dig for a couple of days to find the water main, but eventually it was located. But... that's the reason for all the funny cuts and the massive amount of exposed dirt.

Day 1, looking for the water main:

Above is the plumbing stack that has to be moved about 4 feet to the right so it's not in the middle of the space.

Day 2, water main found and cleanup has begun!

Um... when I said clean up has begun I didn't actually mean that the dirt was placed back in the holes or anything... I just meant that they swept and put all the dirt into neat little piles. We still have a pit in the basement.

Also in the basement- they began building the custom home theater wall. This is the wall that will hold our hypothetical (as in, we still haven't purchased it even though it's picked out) TV.

Up to the kitchen- the wall separating the kitchen from the living room has largely been removed, and there are some temporary braces (go figure, it's a load bearing wall!) in place to shore it up until they can build what they need to.

Hey! You can even see our massive dumpster through the front door in this pic! It's a honker and I totally though the guy was going to drop it on my neighbor's Caddy when he delivered it last week. Every once in a while Brian and I peer inside, which involves some climbing since the walls are 6 ft- very much in disregard to the large hazard stickers on the side of the "container." To date we have noticed that in addition to concrete and building supplies, we've had a lot of carpet padding, lamps and children's play houses to throw away... Kinda interesting since we have no carpet or children that we're aware of... ; )

Finally, some not-so-interesting-but-part-of-the-process pictures of the duct work for the HVAC system.

The feed on the left side of the fireplace in the living room and the hole in the floor immediately below that goes into the basement.

What used to be one of Brian's closets in the guest bedroom, but since the return also has to come through here, I think we're going to just drywall over the opening- removing the door and mouldings. This is the same feed from the living room picture.

Oh my goodness! We have VENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really, really exciting!! Okay, so they can't follow their own outlines and they took some chunks out of the ceiling along the way, but still- we have vents! Supposedly the system will be finished and working this week! YAY!

Up this week is to replace the plumbing (going from galvanized to copper), move the plumbing stack and close up the basement floor, remove the radiators and the pipes associated with them, finish up the HVAC system, and I'm sure keep plugging away with the walls... We gave them leave to rip out the bathroom too, if needed- eek!!! We'll keep you all updated. : )

I was just thinking, actually, that both your kitchen sink, and bathroom tile, (if it's in as good shape as it looks)are worth quite a bit. If you remove the bathroom tile, I hope that you can do it w/o damaging it!!!!

Jesus, Q!! You testin missiles here, or what? (if you haven't seen it, rent "Money Pit", the best Tom Hanks movie in my opinion)
I don't recognize a thing!
I'm also surprised that, in D.C., people are putting things IN your dumpster. I would have expected a net dumpster loss.

Enjoyed a lot! »

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