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Long time no post

Sorry guys, it's been almost 2 months! Between work, grad school, travel and renovation mishaps we let the time get away from us. Really, most of the time was spent on plumbing and electrical rough ins, waiting for permits and framing. We'll catch up on some of the old pics and then add some of the newest work- the drywall (YAY!). As you can tell, we're really, really behind on the schedule- our original timeline had us finished on May 19th, now we've been quoted July 24th. We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!!

First up, the dirt piles are gone!!! The place smells much better now that the pit is closed up. Here are some shots of the basement with a concrete floor and framing.

Here's a good one- can you believe that they framed a wall across a window?!? At first we laughed, and then we made them fix it. Turns out that the crew was following the drawings exactly- it just so happens that the measurements were wrong. This has since been fixed. :) BTW- this is the back wall of the basement bathroom, right behind the toilet. The fix was to bump the wall back some so that there is a shelf behind the toilet.
Next up- demolish the upstairs bathroom:

Hi kitchen! This is looking through the bathroom floor into the kitchen.

In the midst of demolishing the bathroom, they nicked a pipe and caused a leak. A bucket was placed under the leak. Brian and I went away for 4 days... and no-one came to empty the bucket (as they were supposed to), so we had a nasty, drippy mess in the kitchen. Nice.

So this brings us to tonight and almost-finished-roughed-in-drywall!

Basement bath (I have to note that we've been using this for weeks sans drywall- only framing and concrete!):

Wetbar and entryway to the mud room (ignore the toilet, I'm not sure why that's there...):

Rest of the basement, TV wall, stairs:

Moving on up! This is the new wall that separates the living room into the living room and a foyer and the new built out areas around the fireplace:

Movin' up some more! The upstairs bath:

Finally for what is now an extremely long post! We have been inundated with cabinetry!!! Last night we moved everything around in the dining room to accommodate our cabinet delivery today... boy, oh, boy... we had no CLUE what we were getting or we would have cleared more! It took them over an hour to bring it all in and arrange it!

Looks GREAT!!! Can't wait to see the final product!!!

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