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Our attempt at refinishing the windows

Brian and I decided that while it was worthwile to replace all the original, original windows in the house (those from 1934) we decided to take a shot at refinishing the windows that were added in the sunporch addition that was done sometime in the 1950s.

The windows are basically in good shape, solid wood, and they all work well- they just need to be reglazed and painted. We got through 6 out of the 8 double hung windows in one weekend.

Brian scraping out the frames so we could paint them:

One of the patients pre-surgery:

The operating room:

Unfortunately since the sun was bright that weekend, everywhere where we laid a piece of window the grass died underneath. We'll post some after pics when we get the last coat of paint up.

Just for fun, the back garden and Dixie:

Wow! What a lot of work! It's going to look great when it's all done!

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