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Paint and Tile! Take 1...

We were going to do all of the painting before the cabinets/counters/carpet was installed, but of course, it didn't work out that way...

First off we have the Barbie pink kitchen. Honestly, we just LOVE pink!

Haha!!!! Kidding, kidding! But, you wouldn't believe the number of people that thought we really were going with a pink kitchen. This Pepto on the walls is the primer for the red that will soon go up. The kitchen will be the same red that the dining room is currently painted. The paint will be Behr Cranberry Whip.

The cabinets are UltraCraft Vision, Venezia in Buttermilk with Caramel Patina. Just in case you were interested. ;)

We have tile now!! The ceramic in the kitchen, this is as good as it gets because this is pre-grout. I'll try and snag another picture of the finished product soon.

Looking down the almost completely patched and painted stairwell:

The basement/workshop (can't wait until the slash workshop goes away!!!) painted in Behr Swiss Coffee:

The TV wall and wet bar area will be a deep maroon color, this awful bruise color on the wall is the primer for the maroon:

The ceramic tile in the mudroom and basement bath, once again, pre grout:

The mudroom, pre painting (icky, huh?!?):

The basement bathroom, the room will be painted in Behr Spiced Pumpkin, going with the primer theme, this is the primer for the pumpkin colored paint:

Yes, this is the bathroom we have to use everyday (still) and there is a funny story involving the picture above. Notice how there is a hole in the floor? Well, there should be a toilet there. The contractors removed it without warning us on a random Thursday... when we called to let them know they had removed our ONLY toilet, they were totally flabbergasted- they hadn't thought of that! D'Uh... So, we packed up the girls and headed to the Westin for the night- the bill is going to the contractors.

And finally we have the master bath- travertine tile and sage green paint:

The tile for the tub surround isn't done yet- but we're close!

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